Cheater!Kirishima x Reader: You loved him, everything about him. His kind-hearted and adorable personality or the way he used to kiss your neck, slowly and passionate.
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Kirishima x reader kirishima x y/n kirishima fluff ... and he knows rei is right but now he just doesn’t know how to deal with rejection. He doesn’t want these ...
James Potter x reader It was morning and you were sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall eating breakfast with the four boys known as the Marauders. With the amount of time you spent with them you could be practically counted as the fifth memeber of their little group.

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BAKUGOU KATSUKI. You’ve told your friends how you felt towards Bakugou and to be honest, you couldn’t even properly look at him straight in the eye for an entire week and it was because your friends would accidentally spill the beans.

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Kirishima Mina Sero Kaminari ... mha bnha my hero academia boku no hero academia bnha x reader lains train of thought. 6 notes. ... It was your rejection he feared ...
That day, Kirishima finally said something about this odd pattern. “Man, it’s like she’s got a sixth sense or something,” he chuckled, though he paused when he noticed Bakugou’s agitation. “Dude, everything alright?” “It’s fine,” he grated out, but Kirishima was visibly unconvinced as he crossed his arms.

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This Reading Mama. 10 Phonics Readers for Early Reading. By thisreadingmama 7 Comments. 10. You may prefer to not have many small Phonics Readers lying around your home or school room, and you may want all your stories in one place!

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